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Inter-mold® technology

Inter-mold Inserts
Inter-mold Inserts
Inter-mold Inserts


Design and manufacturing of mold inserts

Once the closure system has been determined and the hooks selected, the inter-mold® inserts can be manufactured. The inter-mold® inserts are not used for an insert molding process.

The hook field requires force to be ejected from the mold. Ejectors must be installed close to the hook field to ensure proper ejection. APLIX can assist in design of the ejection system.

Inserts shapes

Normal inter-mold® inserts are flat, square or rectangular. Where desired, the orientation of the hooks can be modified to meet specific peel and shear strength requirements.

Specific inserts can be designed when the hook surface is concave or convex and/or in a different shape from the standard.


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