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Inter-mold® technology


Increased productivity

Inter-mold TechnologyThe inter-mold® is an innovative process that saves material costs and labor. It eliminates the purchase of hook tape, its dye-cutting, and labor to peel off the protective film and attachment. In addition it saves inventory and logistics costs as hooks are molded simultaneously with the plastic part.

Improved reliability

Adhesives used to apply hook and loop may not be 100 % reliable. The adhesive bond may be affected by the environment (humidity, temperature) or the nature of the plastic resin (many adhesives do not bond to polypropylene). In addition, costs for returns and replacement parts due to failed adhesives are generally very significant - this can be detrimental to the company image.

Inter-mold SamplesEnhanced appearance

The molded hooks are the same color as the plastic. They are always at the right location and correctly positioned. Moreover inter-mold® enables hook fields with the same contour as the part geometry.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental rules in Europe and North America are generally very restrictive regarding the use of some adhesives. The elimination of the adhesive for hook attachment avoids this constraint. Also inter-mold® makes recycling of the finished product easier since the hook and the product are made out of a single plastic material - no disassembling of hooks are needed.

High performance

The inter-mold® hooks are molded simultaneously with the plastic part and made out of the same resin, therefore the hooks are subject to the same specifications as the finished product - such as resistance to humidity, high temperature, chemicals and sterilization.


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