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Inter-mold TechnologyInter-mold® Technology - Injection Mold Hook

The new wave of innovation using inter-mold® technology.

The APLIX inter-mold® technology, previously named "IMH", is a new hook fastener. The inter-mold® technology is an innovative method of integrally molding a field of hooks within an injection molded component. The field of hooks can be designed in any shape and size in virtually any location on a component.

"We are excited about using the simplicity and integrated look of inter-mold® in new products. It offers great design flexibility and high performance in an infinitely adjustable fastening system."

Principal / Creative Director
ION Design

The inter-mold® technology is proven: millions of part have been molded!

This technology is to be used during a standard injection molded cycle. The implementation of the inter-mold® technology is divided into various steps including the choice of a hook type and the manufacturing of inserts.

A patented technology

Our technology is patented and we offer this technology to companies under license.

  • United States Patent n° 5,368,549
  • United States Patent n° RE 37,338
  • United States Patent n° 5,656,226
  • European Patent n° 0 577 697 B1


inter-mold® costs are divided into:

  • an insert tooling and design fee,
  • a license fee related to the use of the inter-mold® technology and patents,
  • upon request, Aplix Fasteners Inc. can also supply finished molded parts based on customer design.


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