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Adhesives & Coatings

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and Heat/solvent activated coatings. This allows our products to be used on a variety of substrates in demanding environments.

Type Performances

Hi Shear
(rubber based)

  • Recommended for high shear applications
  • Compatible with a large range of substrates (except PVC)

High Temperature PSA
(acrylic water based)

  • Recommended for high temperature resistance
  • Good performance with PVC (including PVC loaded with plasticizer)

Hi Tack
(thermoplastic rubber adhesive)

  • Recommended for applications requiring high immediate touch
  • Large range of substrates (except PVC)

Fire Retardant PSA
(rubber thermoplastic)

  • Recommended for fire resistant applications
  • Meets FAR 25-853 specification

Large Width Pressure Sensitive Coating
(acrylic water based)

  • High initial tack level
  • Very good adherence to a wide range of substrates (including PVC)
  • Resistant to high pressure

Heat / solvent activated
(nitryle solvent activated)

  • Permanent attachment
  • Very good adhesion to PVC and polyurethane foam



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