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Since its beginning, APLIX has always developed a true culture of innovation with:

  • 2 R&D and engineering facilities (France and USA)
  • R&D budget : up to 4% of sales
  • Advanced technology investments : 7% of sales

Since 1958, APLIX has applied for more than 200 patents. Among the major innovations:

Texturized Loop spacer Texturized Loop (1967):
withstands more than 10 000 openings and closings.
Mushroom Tape spacer Mushroom Tape (1971):
thin closure for low cycle applications.
Extruded Hook spacer Extruded Hook (1975):
very high shear performances.
Miniaturized Hook spacer Miniaturized Hook (1994):
thin and flexible extruded tape.
Landing Zone spacer Landing Zone (1997):
wide knit loop for disposable products.
Converted Products spacer Converted Products (1999):
trilaminates of stretch film and non woven.
Hook to Hook Closure spacer Hook to Hook Closure (2000):
plastic hooks which engages to itself.
Injection Molden Hook spacer Injection Molded Hook (inter-mold® technology) (2003):
gripping area molded together with the plastic part.
Wide Plastic spacer Wide Plastic (2004):
extruded products of different configurations (hook, mushroom...) thickness and widths.


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