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Fastening Systems for Canvas

The primary focus is to develop products that can handle the outdoor elements, sun, rain and cold.

Do you know that a hook and loop fastener gets stronger as it gets colder?

We have hook and loop fasteners that are for outdoor and indoor use. Resistant to:

  • UV Rays
  • Moisture

Adhesives that can handle hot and cold temperatures

Products for the Canvas Industry

aplix 800 Hook

aplix®800 Hook

Nylon standard hook.
To be used with #800 and #804 loop.
Certifications: A-A-55126B.

aplix 800 Loop

aplix®800 Loop

Nylon texturized loop.High cycle life and shear strength when used with #800 hook.

aplix 400 Hook

aplix®400 Hook

Economical standard nylon hook with good cycle life.


aplix 400 Hoop  

aplix®400 Loop

Economical standard nylon loop with good cycle life.


aplix 400 Hook and Loop

aplix®400 Hook and Loop

Economical standard nylon hook and loop with good cycle life.


aplix 810 Polyester Hook and Loop

aplix®810 Polyester Hook and Loop

Polyester hook and loop.
Fire retardant
Resistant to humidity. UV, chemicals.
Also available with pressure sensitive adhesive
Certifications: FAR 25.853 and BMS 8-285 GFMVSS-302.

aplix 200 Mushroom Hook

aplix®200 Mushroom Hook

Polypropylene mushroom hook with Nylon base, moderate thickness, 100 cycle life.
Powerful gripping force.

aplix 200 Loop

aplix®200 Loop

Nylon loop, low profile.
Up to 50" (1270mm) wide.


aplix 200 Hook and  Loop

aplix®200 Hook and Loop

Polypropylene mushroom hook with Nylon base, moderate thinkness, 100 cycle life.
Nylon loop, low profile.
Powerful gripping force.

aplixA Stick Hook and Loop

aplix® A Stick Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop laminated to a rigid plastic. To be attached to the substrate by the means of a mechanical fastener such as screw, staple, rivet or nail.
Available in 1" and 1 3/4 " (25mm and 45mm) widths.

aplix 730 Plastic Hook  

aplix®730 Plastic Hook

Polypropylene extrude hook.
Strong gripping power.
This hook can be used with the following loops: #800, #804, and #400.
Up to 4" (107mm) wide.
Available with adhesive.

aplix 804 Napped Loop


aplix®804 Napped Loop

Nylon napped loop.
Good shear and cycle when used with #800 hook. Also available with pressure sensitive adhesive.

922 Arrowhead Hook  

aplix®922 Arrowhead Hook

Nylon extruded Arrowhead hook.
Aggressive High Shear strength when used with #800, #804, and #400 loop.
Available in 1" (25mm) only, standard or adhesive backing.
Limited cycle life.

aplix 624

aplix® 624 Joint Seam Loop Lock 

Polyester knit loop. It can be wrapped around a join seam or sewn into a specific area to mate with aplix® 225, 255 and 985 hook molded in the seat pad.

aplix Injecton Mold Hook  

aplix® Injection Mold Hook with Push Pins Attachments

Mold hooks have very strong gripping power. 
Size 1” x 2” (25mm x 50mm).
Push pins: arrowhead, christmas tree and extended channel.



We can produce a variety of straps for you using our standard sizes or we can customize a strap to meet your needs if you have special requirements. Material: Standard backing, #800 Plush, #810 Plush Poly, #802 Twin Loop, #812 Twin loop.

Strap Types
Back Strap Back Strap
Cinch Strap Cinch Strap
Quick Release Quick Release Strap
Face Strap Face Stap
Graduated Strap Graduated Strap


High Shear PSA,
Pressure sensitive

Rubber based adhesive.
Adheres to various substrates such rigid polypropylene, cardboard, corrugate, glass, mylar, paper, galvanized metal, stainless steel. Temperature range -20.2F (-29C) to 179.6F (82C).

High Temp PSA
Pressure sensitive

Acrylic adhesive.
Adheres to Sintra, vinyl, PVC, ABS, Plexiglas, Polycarbonate.
Temperature range: -29.2F (-34C) to 284F (140C).

High Tack PSA
Pressure sensitive

Thermoplastic Rubber designed for immediate high tack.
Adheres to: ABS, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, cardboard, foam, corrugate, galvanized metals, glass, mylar, plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyurethane foam, polished woods.
Temperature range: -9.39F (-23C) to 129.2F (54C).
Hi Tack Adhesive
Pressure sensitive

Thermoplastic Rubber design for immediate high tack.
Adheres to: polyurethane film and foam, polyester foam, cross linked polyethylene foam.
Temperature range: -9.39F (-23C) to 129.2F (54C).


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