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Fastening Systems for Aircraft

APLIX, in partnership with Aircraft Industry leaders, has developed a high performance range of products for the aircraft market. These products have the following characteristics :

  • Fire retardancy
  • Low weight
  • Temperature resistance
  • Quick and easy installation

These products meet customer and industry specifications.

Our Special Products

Seating applications: Foam and Seat cover attachments

aplix 800  

Nylon standard hook and texturized loop fire retardant. High strength and cycle life.
Available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
FAR 25.853 12 second burn test.

aplix 810  

Polyester hook and loop.
Fire retardant.
Resistant to humidity, UV and chemicals.
Available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
FAR 25.853 and BMS 8-285 G.

Apilx 820/821  


Closure consisting of Aramid loop and stainless steel hook.
Fire retardant.
Resistant to very high temperatures.
Certifications :
FAR 25.853 and Airbus specifications.

Apilx 840  


Closure 100% PPS.
Fire retardant.
Available with pressure sensitive adhesive.
FAR 25.853, FAR 25.856 and Boeing and Airbus specifications.

aplix 400 Hook and Loop

aplix®400 Hook and Loop Fire Retardant

Economical standard nylon hook and loop with good cycle life.
Certification : FAR 25.853 12 second burn test.

aplix 804 Napped Loop  

aplix®804 Napped Loop

Recommended for general applications with high strength, and low
cycle life. Woven 100% polyamide tape with napped loops.

aplix 700 / Aplix 400  

aplix®700 / aplix®400

5,000 cycles. Plastic/woven closure. Excellent performance characteristics.




High Shear PSA,
Pressure sensitive

Rubber based adhesive.
Adheres to various substrates such rigid polypropylene, cardboard, corrugate, glass, mylar, paper, galvanized metal, stainless steel. Temperature range -20.2F (-29C) to 179.6F (82C).

High Temp PSA
Pressure sensitive

Acrylic adhesive.
Adheres to Sintra, vinyl, PVC, ABS, Plexiglas, Polycarbonate.
Temperature range: -29.2F (-34C) to 284F (140C).

High Tack PSA
Pressure sensitive

Thermoplastic Rubber designed for immediate high tack.
Adheres to: ABS, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, cardboard, foam, corrugate, galvanized metals, glass, mylar, plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyurethane foam, polished woods.
Temperature range: -9.39F (-23C) to 129.2F (54C).
Hi Tack Adhesive
Pressure sensitive

Thermoplastic Rubber design for immediate high tack.
Adheres to: polyurethane film and foam, polyester foam, cross linked polyethylene foam.
Temperature range: -9.39F (-23C) to 129.2F (54C).


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