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Welcome to APLIX Fasteners Inc.

Selecting a fastener that will meet the quality standards of today's marketplace is no longer an open and shut case. That's why more and more engineers, designers and entrepreneurs are turning to APLIX to develop fastening solutions to fit their specific applications.

Aplix Fasteners Inc. is the Canadian source of APLIX products, the hook and loop fastening system specialists. We are committed to providing innovative products and fastening solutions for the hygiene, medical, aircraft, automotive, display, packaging and other selected industries.

Aplix Fasteners Inc. provides:

  • cut to size, standard and customized straps and fastening options
  • roll stock of narrow and wide widths
  • standard and specialized die cuts and cut pieces on a roll
  • ultrasonic attachment of hook and/or loop fasteners to compatible materials
  • specialized sewing capabilities
  • innovative sub assembly
  • wide range of adhesives, coatings and backings

Aplix Fasteners Inc.’s  central location in Southern Ontario ensures the quickest access to our suppliers and our major industrial markets.

Aplix Fasteners Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company.


Aplix Fasteners Inc.
4714 Christie Drive Beamsville, Ontario, Canada L0R 1B4
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