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The origins of the Hook and Loop Fastener

Tiny hooks on a BurdockThe self-gripping Hook and Loop Fastener concept was invented in 1948 by Georges de Mestral, a Swiss engineer. Upon returning from a hunting trip, Mr. de Mestral noticed that the burrs, (the seeds of the burdock plant) were stuck to his clothes and his dog's fur.

From this observation Mr. De Mestral created the original self-gripping Hook and Loop Fastener. Mr. De Mestral applied for patents on his invention and established, with several investors, the Velcro S.A. Company in Switzerland.

In 1958, Velcro France was founded by Jean Billarant. In 1976, the patent expired and Velcro France become APLIX. Over the years, manufacturing facilities were opened in France, the United States, Germany and China and a commercial network was developed throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

Today the Hook & Loop fastener is recognized as one of the 50 most important inventions of the 20th Century.

Aplix Fasteners Inc. in Canada

The distribution of APLIX in Canada began in 1987 when Mike McCallion (Sr.), recognizing the quality of the APLIX product line, arranged with APLIX to establish a distribution centre and production facility in Canada as Aplix Fasteners Inc.

Combining the best service and the customer support with the best self-gripping fastener from APLIX has allowed Aplix Fasteners Inc. to grow and be recognized as the source for both quality and innovative solutions to closure applications in Canada.


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